Union Membership

What does it mean to belong to a union? It means you are not alone. Your wages, benefits and working conditions are protected by a legally-binding union contract. If your rights are violated on the job, your union stands with you. If your wages and benefits come under attack, your union defends you. These protections didn’t happen by accident. They are the result of union members standing together through many decades of collective action. This is your union. We can continue to improve wages, benefits and working conditions, but we need your participation. A good way to start is by becoming a member and attending the monthly Local 1997 Union Meeting.

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IBEW Online Membership Application

To apply for LU 1997 membership, you must complete the following two forms: IBEW Membership Application & Dues Deduction Authorization Form.  Once your application is received you will be assigned a member number. Your membership card and number will be forwarded to you by mail.  All union dues are payroll deducted.

Remember...there is strength in numbers!  We look forward to your participation in our Local.

In Solidarity,
Local 1997 Leadership